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HM2 is the first integrated solution that allows consumers the ability to have a personalized healthcare advocate to assist with any medical issue imaginable.  

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From realtors to retail workers to artisans to grandma–we’re proud to serve anyone who has any kind of medical issue. See why consumers across the nation choose to work with HM2.

Shannon R.

I was struggling to get diagnosed.  After visiting several doctors I didn't know where else to turn.  My HM2 Advocate got me 50 second opinions without my having to leave the house and as a result,  I was diagnosed in just a few days and have a treatment plan that works for my lifestyle.

Emily O.

I had a medical emergency and the bills have been so overwhelming I was considering medical bankruptcy.  My HM2 advocate got my entire case reviewed, money back from the insurance company and were able to bring down the outstanding bills by over 50%.  Thanks to them, I am no longer up at night worried about medical bills.

Parker S.

I'm on daily medication for a medical condition and it wasn't working, and making me sick.  My doctor tried a few alternatives but nothing has been effective.  I called my HM2 Advocate and they were able to work with my doctor, to find alternatives based on my personalized DNA.  Without my advocate, I'd still be suffering.

Do you have a health issue and don't know where to turn?  Our advocates are trained to help you, no matter how complex the issue. Let's talk.

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