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Employer-Driven Healthcare Economy

While medical technology continues to take giant steps forward, somehow the systems driving health coverage are still stuck in the past. The experience we have today is confusing. It’s painful. And we all deserve better. Collective Health was founded on the belief that better is possible. Driven by our mission to make understanding, navigating, and paying for care effortless, 

we’ve evolved the way health benefits work. More than 151 million Americans count on an employer for coverage. That's why, with the technology to create a more intelligent solution and the compassion to know that every person matters, we deliver a connected healthcare experience for companies across the nation who want the best for their employees.

Meet The Collective

Our team of engineers, designers, actuaries, and operations experts apply their diverse backgrounds from NASA, Google, Blue Shield, and Mercer to build products that give people the help they need at the moments that matter most.

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Ready to tackle life-changing work? We’re always on the lookout for curious, smart, and optimistic new talent to join the Collective.

Our founding was personal. But our story isn't unique.

Watch our founding story and see what we’re all about.

Our Leadership Team

With a unique mix of technology and healthcare leadership (and some personal experiences of our own), we bring a new perspective to an outdated system.

Ali Diab

Chief Executive Officer


Rajaie Batniji

Chief Health Officer


Scott Murray

Chief Experience Officer


Haleigh Tebben

Chief Commercial Officer