Hm2 is the gateway to the uS Consumer Healthcare advocacy group (USCHAG) family of CONSUMER HEALTHCARE ADVOCACY brands


Receive one healthcare assessment a year powered by ReduceMed.  If you have a question or problem regarding a healthcare bill, ReduceMed will contact your healthcare provider or insurance company to make sure that you’re not being over-billed or paying too much for the service you received. 

Access our cost-saving App to start saving on your prescriptions

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Twice a year, you’ll get a healthcare insurance review powered by BeniMax to ensure you’re getting all the benefits you deserve. A team of Healthcare Experts will continuously monitor your Healthcare Insurance to make sure there is no laps in coverage, and that you are receiving the maximum benefits allowed. Now you can be sure that the healthcare coverage you have is doing everything that it promised.

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Twice a year, you’ll get a review of your healthcare policy powered by InsureSWOT to ensure that you have the best policy at the best price. There are countless insurance plans available. InsureSWOT will work for you to choose the one that best suits you and your family’s healthcare needs, and financial circumstances. 

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Once a year, get a second opinion from our team of doctors and specialists for a treatment or diagnosis powered by MedServe. Before you start a course of treatment, our Medical Experts will confer with your doctors to make sure the prescribed treatment is right for you. Our Experts collectively have the experience you can trust, and they know which questions to ask.


Once a year, access a 30-minute legal consultation powered by LegalMed regarding any healthcare matter. This means that any legal situation related to your healthcare can be referred to our Legal Team. This includes: document reviews, insurance issues, malpractice claims, medical bills incurred from an injury, etc. You can relax, you now have legal counsel on your side.

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Senior Advocates

Access your personalized healthcare advocate dedicated to your healthcare needs. The HM2 family is centered around the relationship between its individual members and their personal Senior Advocates. The Senior Advocates communicate with experts in every area of service to provide each member a stress-free experience, and ultimately the best healthcare available.