Q: What is an HM2 plan?

A: The HM2 plan is a group of services that along with a Sr Advocate, assist and help you save money, while also helping you better control and understand your healthcare.


Q: Is an HM2 plan insurance?  

A: No – but the HM2 plan will ensure that your Insurance company is providing all the benefits you deserve, to make sure that care providers don’t overcharge you, help you save money on prescriptions and more.


Q: Do I need health Insurance to get an HM2 plan?

A: No - the HM2 plan is surprisingly affordable and pays for itself through the money you save using it.


Q: If I have questions or need help, will I be able to contact someone?

A: Yes – Each HM2 Member has access to a Sr Advocate who is available to answer all their questions and help assist them with all their medical needs.


Q: Does the HM2 plan work for the insurance companies or hospitals?

A: No – The HM2 plan works for you. We are not representing any other company. Everyone at HM2 make sure that your needs are met, not the insurance companies or the healthcare provider. We work for you.


Q: Is the HM2 plan just for people when they are sick or need treatment?

​A: The HM2 plan can still help you save money and time when you are healthy. But It shines and proves it’s value even more when you are in need of medical treatment or need medical advice. When such an occurrence happens, the HM2 plan will offer everything from medical bill evaluation, second opinions on treatments and diagnosis as well as providing the ability to have an Sr Advocate show up at the hospital in person to advocate on your behalf. To learn about these services and more, contact an HM2 advisor today.