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Put your healthcare plan to work!

Managing carriers, providers and costs have become burdensome to owners, HR leaders and the employees themselves.  Navigating today's healthcare has become costly in both productivity, employee morale and the effect on your bottom line.  

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HM2 is healthcare solved!

Providing comprehensive cutting edge solutions powered by our proprietary deep learning AI, HM2 is an add-on benefit that works seamlessly with any current health insurance provider.

Simply providing insurance is no longer enough.

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Employee HealthCare Management

Benefits to you

Adding the USCHAG group HM2 membership as part of your employee benefits package gives you a world-class competitive advantage.  Become the employer of choice in your industry while maintaining profitable ROI.


We coach employees to maximize their current health insurance benefits with our proprietary system, resulting in little or no out-of-pocket expenses.  Seamlessly integrating in all employer plans resulting in higher overall employee satisfaction.  Companies who have enrolled in the USCHAG plan have seen a 45% increase in employee satisfaction. 

Your group membership account is assigned a group Sr. Specialist who will work to ensure stress-free implementation for all employee memberships. Providing real support in real time for dealing with healthcare providers.

Our employer dashboard provides continuous reports on employee satisfaction with current health insurance benefits and will alert you to any changes in current group insurance plans.

Studies have shown a 20% and higher increase in productivity when employees are freed from the stress and confusion of dealing with their employer health insurance.

Companies using USCHAG to manage their healthcare program can see a 30% reduction in premiums annually.

USCHAG will handle EVERYTHING related to health care for employees. This reduces the need to increase payroll in your human resources department.  USCHAG will also help you create and manage HSA accounts.

Adding USCHAG will increase employee participation, reduce expenses and create the optimal employer’s choice package of benefits.  We guarantee that you will see an increase in the final earnings after registering or you will not pay anything.

Every six months, USCHAG delivers a SWOT report from the health care company that shows options for reducing your current health care costs.

Integration into your current benefits package is a snap! All your employees have to do is register and USCHAG will take care of everything from implementation, education and operation of the membership.

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Adding a USCHAG healthcare management group membership to your company’s employee benefit package not only affords your people access to superior and affordable healthcare, but it is also an attractive feature to prospective employees.


If you’re an employer, no matter how you look at it, choosing USCHAG as your healthcare advocate is a smart investment.


Small business membership (5 - 50 people) $395.00/month + Start up fee (based on # of employees)

Enterprise Membership (50 and over) Custom Quote