A Healthcare Advocate that works solely for you to provide answers, save money, and navigate the healthcare system

√ Check and manage hospital bills for overcharging
√ Optimize your prescriptions for savings and effectiveness
√ Ensure your health insurance is paying what it’s supposed to
√ Access second Opinions for diagnosis and treatment plans
√ Access Alternative trial treatments personalized for your needs
√ Access healthcare related legal counsel
√ Unbiased health insurance recommendation
Whether you have insurance or not, we can help!
Your HM2 Membership provides your family with cost-savings and peace-of-mind:

How HM2 Will Work

HM2 member services is a powerful combination of compassionate human advocates and deep learning AI. 
Our Sr.advocates sole mission is to always act in your best interest when it comes to dealing with your healthcare issues. 
Our proprietary AI 'super-powers' our advocates giving them the ability to stand toe to toe with any healthcare entity! 
The biggest healthcare providers, insurance companies and more all have the latest in Artificial Intelligence capabilities, why shouldn't you?
Healthcare Bill Assessment

One healthcare bill assessment per year to identify overcharges.

 Pharmaceutical Report

Access to our App to help save on your prescriptions

Review Your Healthcare Insurance Policy

Twice a year, we review your healthcare policy to ensure it's the best fit at the best price.

Access to a myriad of Doctors

Once a year, get a 20 min consult on a treatment or diagnosis and access to our extensive medical database.

Review Your Healthcare Policy Benefits

Twice a year, we review your healthcare insurance to ensure you’re getting all your benefits. 

Legal Help with Healthcare Issues

Once a year, access a 30 minute legal consultation regarding any healthcare matter. 

Our HM2 Advocates Can Help With the Following:
Access your personalized healthcare advocate dedicated to your healthcare needs.

Twice a year, we review your healthcare policy to ensure its best fit at the best price.

Whether you have insurance or not, an HM2 membership is right for you.
Checking Blood Pressure
Regardless of whether you have insurance or not, your Senior Advocate provides answers and guides you through the complex healthcare system. You’ll experience a multi-targeted approach that includes human understanding teamed with predictive AI intelligence for preventative and early detection of diseases and illness for healthcare like you’ve never experienced before.


Whether you’re single or part of a family, USCHAG healthcare management has a HM2 plan that’s right for you.
Membership starts at just $10 per person, per month. There is a one-time setup fee of $39.95.
As healthcare advocates, keeping our membership costs low is part of our commitment to helping you regain control of your healthcare.
Click the button below to enroll and become eligible for our healthcare advocate services.